Yoga Teacher Training

Guess what?

I decided to go for it and signed up to become a certified yoga teacher!



Life is short and when you find something that truly resonates with you – go for it. Go with your gut and find out what happens.

I’m only just starting my yoga journey and I’m ok with whatever the outcome is, all I know for now is that it feels right to follow this feeling.

Yoga makes me feel good, it moves me physically, emotionally and mentally to a better place. It allows me to see the world differently and it makes me happy, grateful, content and at peace.

I’m going to blog my experiences as they happen, share what I’m learning and interpreting in this process.


After deciding, paying and committing to doing this I went to my first class with Yoga NRG (link HERE!) at Moffat Beach on the Sunshine Coast.

Here is what I wrote in my journal that day:

‘I am so so so thankful that i listened to my instinct / ‘gut’ and went ahead and committed to doing my yoga teacher training. I did all this having never done a class at NRG; never having met anyone from the course, having never been to Moffat Beach – all because I JUST THOUGHT THAT IT FELT RIGHT! I showed up after my 1hr drive from Brisbane to do my first class and as soon as I arrived I knew I had made the right decision. Such a beautiful spot. The yoga class was perfect – lots of hip openers, some balancing, a lot of sun salutations and a faster pace than what i tend to do at home so it really had me needing to focus on my breath. The entire time I felt so happy and grateful for where I was – on the beach doing yoga in the sunshine! I felt like a kid again, I felt like squealing with joy and jumping up and down!’

I cant wait to type what I feel / learn / experience in the next few years as this journey progresses.


Type Soon xx




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